Fall Catalog

Our Fall fundraising catalog includes kitchen gadgets, housewares, giftwrap, magazines, yummy treats and more. It's our most complete fundraising program, with more than 40 pages of products your customers and supporters will want and need.


Fall Catalog

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Profit Guide


Total Group Sales


Total Group Profit

$100 - $500   35%
$501 - $2,500   40%
$2,501 - $5,000   45%
$5,001+   50%


Please Note:

• If the "Get Charged Up" prize program is selected, group profit is reduced by 5% unless the total sale is over $5,000.

• A one-time $20 packing/handling fee is assessed to your group's entire order regardless of order size.





** These are just a few examples of the many items in the Tom-Wat Fall fundraising catalog.       

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