Spring Catalog

Our "Hello Spring" fundraising catalog includes kitchen items, flowers and vegetable plants, gardening gear, nuts, cookies, candy, cell phone and tablet accessories, magazines, and much more! This is our most popular fundraising catalog for the Spring season! This catalog is available from January through May.



Profit Guide


Total Group Sales


Total Group Profit

$100 - $500   35%
$501 - $2,500   40%
$2,501 - $5,000   45%
$5,001+   50%


Please Note:

  • If prize incentive brochure is used in conjunction with this catalog, profit is reduced by 5% unless total sale exceeds $5,000.

  • A one-time $20 packing/handling fee is assessed to your group's entire order regardless of order size.





** These are just a few examples of the many items in the Tom-Wat Spring fundraising catalog.       

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