Fall and Spring Catalog Fundraising: Profit Details

Recommended for groups with at least 10 participants. These are our largest, most complete fundraising programs. These are big gift catalogs with diverse product mix -- something for everyone!


Number of Participants     

5 - 10

11 - 25

26 - 50

51 - 100

101 - 200

Average Sales Per Participant






Average Profit Per Participant






Average Group Profit     






Average Time Spent by Person in Charge

1 hour*

Recommended Selling Period

2 weeks


* 1 hour of administrative time is a realistic estimate. Essentially, all the group leader needs to do is to order the catalogs, hand them out to the participants, remind them a few times over the course of the sale when order forms are due, collect the order forms and then mail the order forms back to us in a pre-addressed, prepaid envelope. Tom-Wat Fundraisers will then ship all of the products prepacked by seller (participant). Each participant (seller) will have a package with their name on it that the group leader just hands out. It's that easy!

Helpful Tips