Why Tom-Wat Fundraising?

Our Mascot Sammy

The Tom-Wat mascot and all-around wonder dog - hard at work.

On the surface, you are trying to raise money for a new playground, or sports equipment, or to take the kids on a field trip.

What you are really doing is acting on hope – hope that you can make this world a little better. Hope that you can improve the lives of those you love. Hope that your contribution will have a positive impact on generations to come.

We understand that you are not looking to make fundraising your career. We understand that you have so many other responsibilities that you need the fundraising program to be simple and easy and profitable. We understand that having someone actually answer the phone when you need help is important.

We understand that running a fundraiser should not require tons of time by the fundraiser coordinator and the products available should drive sales – and profits – that will help you meet your fundraising goals.

Tom-Wat Fundraising offers a full line of product fundraising programs for all types of groups. We always choose our products and design our brochures with you in mind. While this may be our full-time career, we understand – it’s not yours.

What people say

Pre-School, Florida

We have been using Tom-Wat Fundraising for over 27 years ... the fundraisers are always easy to run and the group always earns a huge profit. It’s become a tradition in our area ... Customers look forward to our fundraiser.

Pre-School, Florida
Dance Studio, New York

Great fundraiser! We used the Enchanted Holidays catalog and Lollipops. We earned high profits for each of our dancers to use to offset the cost of competitions fees and costumes.

Dance Studio, New York