Helpful Tips for Running a Successful Fundraiser!

Product fundraising is the most popular and effective way to raise funds for groups like yours. With some simple planning, you can easily reach your goals. Here is a list of simple — but often over-looked — components of a successful fundraiser:

1. Fundraise with Purpose!

The best way to motivate members to sell more catalog items, candy bars, cookie dough, etc., is to raise money for something they care about. It’s difficult for them to get excited about raising money for the “general fund.” However, if you raise funds for something they will see an immediate and direct benefit from — like a new playground, school trip, or church building — your sellers and supporters are far more likely to participate.

2. Set a Goal!

It’s a basic premise of effective fund-raising: for most people, just telling them to raise money by selling merchandise isn’t good enough. They need to be challenged or held somewhat accountable. The easiest way is to set a dollar goal for each fund-raising participant.

3. Communicate!

Maintaining contact with your members is extremely important before, during and after the sale. Make sure everyone understands how much they need to raise (individually) in order to reach your total goal. Keep reminding them! Sending out emails or creating a Facebook page for your fundraiser are easy ways to keep in contact. It will keep them focused and increase participation.

4. Create Competition!

Sometimes members need a little extra motivation or incentive. Adding a prize can really spark interest. Use a prize program for younger elementary school students. Have a pizza party if you reach your goal or give the top seller some sort of prize. It’s not the value of the prize that counts but the acknowledgement of a job well done.

5. Always say “Thank you!”

Make sure your organization says “thanks” to everyone who is involved in your campaign, including volunteers and contributors. This goes a long way towards generating good-will and future support!