Too often, fundraising coordinators decide which fundraising program (or company) to use based on the percentage of the gross sales that their group will keep. The problem with that logic is that profit percentage is only part of the equation!

What matters is how much real money your group actually earns from the fundraiser…not the profit percentage received!

So be careful here.

Would you rather earn 50% of sales from a catalog with high prices and very limited product selection OR earn 40% of sales from a catalog with reasonable prices and lots of variety?

The answer is simple! You will ultimately sell (and earn) much more money by choosing a fundraising program with broad appear for all your supporters. People are far more likely to support your cause if you are offering them products that they actually want and need at a fair price.

You can’t deposit a “profit percentage” in your group’s bank account. The bank only accepts “real money”! So, when you are deciding on which fundraising program or company to choose, make sure you consider all of the factors and not just the profit percentage. Product quality and overall appear to your supporters is far more important to a campaign’s success! ou will see more products and ultimately ear more money when you offer something of real and fair value to your supporters.

Tom-Wat Fundraising offer a full line of product fundraising programs for all types of groups. We always choose your produts and design our brochures with the end consumer (fundraising supporter) in mind. After all, these are the folks that will make your campaign successul! So don’t let profit percentage be your single focus in choosing a program. Remember to think of your supporters! Good quality at a fair price equals greater success for your campaign!

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