How to select the fundraiser that best suits your group

While the time frame for most fundraisers is only a couple of weeks, each fundraiser and organization is unique.
There are a number of factors to consider when selecting a fundraiser.

The key thing is to ask yourself:

What is most important to you?


No Set-up Fees

Set-up fees (or lack thereof) are always an important consideration in choosing the best fundraising program for your group. At Tom-Wat Fundraising, we keep it simple for you. Catalogs are free and there are no hidden set-up fees.

Minimum Profit Percentage Earned

Too often, fundraising coordinators decide which fundraising program (or company) to use based on the percentage of the gross sales that their group will keep. Be careful here. What matters is how much real money your group actually earns from the fundraiser … not the profit percentage received! Tom-Wat Fundraising offers a full line of fundraising programs that feature profits ranging from 35% to 50%. Just remember to never base your decision purely on profit percentage you earn! Look at the products you will be selling because they are what is ultimately most important in generating sales and gaining the support of your community. (Not convinced? Please read our article on this subject, “Profit Percentage vs. Real Money Earned”.)

Size of Group

We hear countless stories from folks who have gotten in “over their heads” during prior fundraising campaigns. Having six kids participate in a frozen cookie dough fundraising campaign is never a good idea! They rarely, if ever, meet the suppliers “minimum order” to qualify for free shipping. Consequently, their campaign profits are lost to shipping fees. So make sure you ask questions about minimum orders and shipping fees.

All of the Tom-Wat Fundraising programs feature very low minimum orders so even the smallest of groups can benefit. Further, free shipping is the norm with our programs…rather than the exception!

Time of Year

While most school fundraisers occur during the spring and fall semesters, there are opportunities for all types of groups to raise funds at different times of the year. In fact, many of our fundraisers are available year-round. We offer hearts, lips and rose-shaped lollipops that are ideal for Valentine-themed fundraising campaigns. Many of our sell-out kits are seasonally-themed. They include baseball and football shaped pops, Easter pops and more. Organizing your fundraising campaign around a season or holiday is a great idea. People are already thinking along those lines, so it’s easier to make the sale. For example, our flower bulb program ties in easily with Earth Day, plus has less competition for purchasers’ dollars!

Hours Required

Your time is an important consideration when choosing a fundraising program. We realize your time is valuable and that you are fitting this in amidst so many other obligations. The majority of our fundraising programs require no more than an hour or two of your time.

Range of Products

When choosing a fundraising program, always consider the full spectrum of products that are available. While you, the fundraising coordinator, might like our candles brochure, you must always consider the programs with the broadest appeal amongst your supporters. After all, it is those folks who will make or break your campaign! For this reason, many of our customers choose one of our Spring or Fall catalog programs. They are loaded with a broad assortment of useful and practical products…something for everyone! Cookie dough and magazines also have broad appeal. As the Spring and Fall catalogs have a variety of items included, there is likely to be something to appeal to every buyer. Bottom line, more assortment is usually better. Other important factors to consider: What price point can your supporters tolerate? Will you have easy access for later delivery of products? How long are people able to wait for delivery?

There are exceptions, however. A highly focused candy bar or lollipop sale can also generate great profits for your group. Know your audience … can you get permission to set up shop outside your local grocery store, Wal*Mart or sporting event? If so, any one of our sell-out kit programs is a great choice. Plus, your supporters can immediately enjoy a tasty treat for their donation!

Age of Participants

All of our fundraising programs are designed to work with virtually every age group. Whether an adult church group or daycare center, most everything we offer can work well for you and your organization.

Healthy Fundraisers

Good choices for the health-conscious include flower bulbs, magazines and more. And now, with many school districts restricting candy sales, we offer pretzel rods sell-out kits that are a great alternative!

Green Fundraisers

Many groups and organizations seek out “earth-friendly” or environmentally conscious fundraising programs. Both our Spring and Fall flower bulb catalogs are a perfect match! Groups easily raise the funds they need for their treasury while doing the right thing for the environment and creating everlasting beauty in their gardens and yards. Everyone sees “green.”